Eco bombs

Illegal landfills are a problem faced by many countries around the world. These places are known as "ecological bombs" are a huge problem in times of struggle for the natural environment in which we live. New places where environmentally hazardous waste is stored are discovered almost every day. Disclosure of such landfills always results in a problem not only of an ecological nature but also of an administrative nature. Time is extremely important. Local governments, taking care of their inhabitants and the environment, are obliged to secure the dangerous find as soon as possible. The problem, however, arises when it is not sure what kind of waste we are dealing with. The waste contained in "ecological bombs" is often very dangerous and the combination of various types of waste may result in the release of chemical reactions that may catastrophically contaminate the area or groundwater, which will result in the unavailability of a given area for further purposes planned in the development of local government for many long years.


We are specialists in this subject. The Solveco Group has been specializing in the protection and recycling of "ecological bombs" for many years. Thanks to a professional approach and security procedures developed over the years, we solve this painful problem. Acting under applicable law, we perform many activities on the spot where the "environmental bomb" is found, collect samples, and, after thorough laboratory analysis, we set up an action plan to secure the find. For years, we have been cooperating with the largest incinerators and recycling companies throughout Europe. This cooperation allows us to successfully implement plans to eliminate "ecological bombs".

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