Halogen waste

The installation for the processing of halogenated waste using the DRW method, as a result of which we recover commercial products contained in the waste, works by the guidelines of UNEP, the European Parliament, and the European Commission, as well as the "Sustainable Development Principles".

The operated column installation allows for the treatment of 07 01 07 * waste and similar halogenated waste, and the recovery of ready-made, full-value products: e.g. solvent dichloroethylene and mixtures of two or more solvents with a purity exceeding 90%. Products collected from individual process shelves, the columns are directed to heat exchangers, where they are diaphragm cooled to a temperature of +30 degrees Celsius. Cooling is carried out using heat exchangers cooperating with a fan cooling tower or a glycol cooling installation. After cooling in the exchangers, the products are directed to the operational tanks, the so-called receivers. Depending on the needs of customers, appropriate mixtures of ready-made halogenated solvents are composed in storage tanks by mixing products from individual receptacles. All receptacles and the exchanger cooling the products coming out of the top of the column are combined into one degassing installation, which is then directed to the condenser for condensation of gases and filters with active carbon, absorbing harmful residual vapors.

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