Everything under control

Our modern laboratory is a key place for all processes at the Solveco Group. Our qualified specialists carry out all the necessary tests there, which result in the selection of the best form of recycling for our clients. We also deal with innovations, develop new formulas and ways to optimize recycling processes. We also research on behalf of our partners and clients. The data collected during laboratory tests are the basis for building strategic waste management plans in many companies across Europe.


Based on the research results of the Solveco Group laboratory, we prepare a development plan for our company for the coming years. As part of the investments we have implemented so far, we have taken numerous measures to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible. Among many others, the key factor here is the application of measures, going beyond the adopted minimum, to reduce the emission of vapors of solvent products to the atmosphere, i.e. the application of measures preventing excessive evaporation of stored raw materials and products. use of complete air-tight sealing systems on each of the operating elements of storage, transshipment, and production installations, use of freezing processes of residual amounts of vapors of raw materials and solvent products, the formation of which could not be avoided during the production processes.


So far, we have also applied many other solutions that were designed to take action in the event of possible emergencies. We are sure that the design and implementation of several effective measures to support possible rescue operations, with appropriate training and approach, can significantly reduce or even eliminate the environmental impact of the installation, even in abnormal operating conditions. Such measures include, inter alia, the use of sealed and connected to the industrial sewage system protection trays under the entire park of storage tanks and reloading stations, the use of fixed and semi-permanent foam installations, allowing on the one hand to conduct an effective fire-fighting action, and on the other hand, being elements intended to eliminate the emission of raw materials and products, in case of emergency leakage.

As you can see, the use of new technologies by the Solveco Group is the basic tool for eliminating the negative impact on the environment in each of its areas.

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