Recycling of soda lye

The Solveco Group is currently the only company in Europe with the technology and installation for recycling used soda lye. Thanks to it, companies using this substance have the opportunity to optimize the management of contaminated waste. After the soda lye recycling process, the substance is ready for reuse. Research shows that the operation related to the recycling of soda lye is much more ecological and exceptionally beneficial from the point of view of business optimization. Thanks to the Solveco Group, you can reuse used soda lye.


The innovative technology used by the Solveco Group, based on a license granted by VOS Technologies, is used to process post-refining waste, which is very harmful to the natural environment, which is a used solution from wet filters used in the processes of desulphurization of petroleum substances and other similar processes. These wastes usually have the code 05 01 11 *.
These are liquid waste, containing up to 10 wt. sodium sulphide Na2S and up to 10 wt. sodium hydroxide, NaOH, and small amounts of other chemicals. They pose a very high threat to the natural environment, both water, soil and atmospheric, and are very dangerous for humans and animals due to the extremely strong toxic properties of water-soluble sulphides and soda lye.
These solutions usually have a pH of 14. The main task of the technology used is the removal of sulfur from industrial post-refinery sulphide-lye wastes present in these wastes in the anionic form of S-2 in the form of sodium sulphide / Na2S /, and recovery of the product - soda lye solution / NaOH / from this waste. Analyzing the technologies of sulphide-lye waste utilization available on the market of the chemical industry, it can be stated that in practice the world has not yet dealt with this problem. The simple elimination of OH- ions, by acidifying the waste in the presence of previously unremoved S-2 ions, at the end of neutralizing the waste with acids, e.g. sulfuric or hydrochloric acid, leads to the release of huge masses of hydrogen sulfide gas. The technology used by the Solveco Group is safe and has all the features of innovation and has been patented by VOS Technologies. The final chemical compound of the hazardous waste neutralization process, code 05 01 11 *, is a market product in the form of soda lye with a concentration of 18% ÷ 20% NaOH - according to the safety data sheet prepared by the Solveco Group.

The technology we use enables a closed circuit in the use of caustic soda in the processes of desulphurization of petroleum substances. The waste supplier 05 01 11 * can therefore collect soda lye concentrated to the appropriate value and use it many times in a cycle ensuring true environmental protection.

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